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Development of Biofuel Production Method Assisted by Algae at Sewage Disposal Plant
Hideyuki AOKI, Hiroshi INOMATA and Keiichi TOMISHIGE

Development of Biofuel Production Method Assisted by Algae at Sewage Disposal Plant

Wastewater treatment is a multi-step process in which organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds are removed by degradation methods to produce activated sludge as a by-product. The activated sludge is precipitated and incinerated as waste, consuming a large amount of energy in the process. The Tohoku-Recovery Next-generation Energies for Tohoku Recovery project (NET) will install a new energy-efficient process at Sendai's Minamigamo wastewater treatment plant, which sustained massive damage during the Great Tohoku Earthquake.

The NET process will produce energy from wastewater by using oil-yielding heterotrophic algae Aurantiochytrium and autotrophic algae Botryococcus. Together with laboratory-scale research on algae biofuels, an outdoor test plant will be set up at the Minamigamo purification center. Implementation of the new microalgae process will allow water to be purified and biofuels to be produced from waste organic matter contained in the wastewater.

Laboratory-scale research is in progress and results such as effective algae strains, nutrient recovery methods from sludge and defatted algae residues, pretreatment methods for extraction, extraction methods from living algae cells and catalysis for fuel upgrading have been developed. Life-cycle analysis (LCA) of the entire wastewater treatment and microalgae cultivation is being conducted.

Development of Biofuel Production Method Assisted by Algae at Sewage Disposal Plant

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