Tohoku University

Tohoku University Research News of Engineering (Tune) is a biannual publication of School of Engineering (SoE), Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. Each Tune volume provides the scientific community with the latest research results of SoE on a selected topic.


Re-construction for the Future

Welcome to "Tune" - Tohoku University Research News of Engineering. Offered herewith is a focus on how leading-edge R&D at our School of Engineering (SoE) has been used to deal with the multitude of Engineering problems spawned by 3-11. Even now, we are faced with many great challenges wrought by the disasters that hit Sendai four years ago. We therefore feature some research activities aimed at leading the Tohoku region as well as Japan to a bright and sustainable society. In addition, there are many other technologies in the works at SoE - and more are forthcoming. Science and technology must deal with issues requiring an interdisciplinary perspective and global cooperation, not to mention intergenerational action. We will use this medium to shed light on SoE and its network overseas, to diffuse useful information worldwide. "Tune" in often by regularly visiting our website here.